Monday, November 19, 2007

Organelle poems, riddles, raps

Students showed off their creativity for extra credit by way of writing and presenting original works about an organelle.

I produce energy like the Duracell bunny.
I am in both cells.
I am an organelle.
Even though I am smaill, I have a lot of responsibilities.
Without me, the cell wouldn't be.
What am I?
The mitochondria

Anthony M.

I'm a chloroplast.
I grow fast.
I get solar power
to power a flower.
I'm green
but I'm not mean.

Brandon M.

I am the brain of the cell,
if that rings a bell.
I direct activities like a control center.
Thnk you can do better?
What am I?
The nucleus

Alessia M.

I break down large food
even when I am not in the mood.
I degest old cells.
Does that ring any bells?
What am I?
A lysosome

Riley E.

Cellulose, it's not cellulite.
It helps the cell wall
hold your organelles tight.
A material so strong
it must belong
in the cell.
Keeps it standing strong.
Freaky, freaky, fresh.

Jimie O.

I hold everthing in
kinda like a bin.
Getting trhough me is hard,
I might leave you scarred.
I am sorta circular like a ball.
Guess what?
I'm the cell wall.

Autumn S.